Quick Intro To MemoryTies

What is MemoryTies?

MemoryTies is the best place to record, preserve, and enhance memories.

MemoryTies provides a quick, easy place to record anything—past or present, personal or business, complete or partial—that you want to remember and be able to access in the future. Everything you enter will be safe, searchable, and private. You can always return to it and know it will be there.

The magic of MemoryTies, however, is the way it enhances everything you record. It shows your memories in context with other memories and events. It allows you to share memories with others for greater perspective. You can even add public data to your account so that you can see things like the price of gas in 1978 when your family took that summer trip to Disneyland. Everything you record will be presented back to you in new ways—stitched together in time, space, and within your relationships.

The value of using MemoryTies is that it takes the things you want to remember, anything you want to remember, and provides you with tools for making those memories increasingly more meaningful and useful.

Are my memories safe?

Record, Preserve, and Enhance. That is our motto and everything we do is geared toward making that happen.

Preservation of your memories is our first priority. We have to be able to keep your memories safe above all else. To that end, we maintain a very active backup system. Your memories are backed up to multiple locations daily. Failure is not an option with this.

"I trust MemoryTies enough to use it daily to write in my journal. These are valuable memories that I'm not comfortable losing. MemoryTies is my backup as I don't keep my journal anywhere else.

When we launched the first test version of MemoryTies (2010) Jonathan (the other co-founder) immediately installed an SSL certificate (this is the "s" in "https" that you see only on a secure website) in order to keep EVERYTHING behind industry grade encryption. We didn't have much money to put into this and I didn't see the justification for it. At that time Gmail and Facebook and most other sites only used https for login (to encrypt your password) so I wanted to just follow standards. Jonathan was firm so we have been secure from day one. Everything you type or view on MemoryTies is encrypted. In 2011 Gmail, Facebook, and many others decided to follow our lead and do the same. Your memories are safe with MemoryTies.

Did I mention that we do not and will not have advertising on MemoryTies and we don't mine through your memories for data to sell. We don't like that done with our memories and so we will certainly not do it with yours."

- Jeffrey Duncan (MemoryTies founder)

Are my memories really private?


Our privacy policy is simple. We will never sell your information to anyone, ever. These are your memories and you should be in control of them. No one looks at your memories without your permission.

Because a login is required, search engines cannot index ANY of your memories on MemoryTies. Other users cannot search for you or your memories either. Your memories are private unless you choose to share them. You choose which ones to share and with whom. You can always change your mind at any time.

How do I get started?

Jump right in. Click on the plus symbol (the "i remember" button) at the top of the screen and start typing in a memory. The memory itself is the most important thing, so it is required. The title and date are optional, but helpful. If you can remember when the memory happened, enter that as well. MemoryTies begins autosaving as soon as you start typing, so everything you enter is saved almost instantly. That's it. You don't have to enter your memories in any particular order, MemoryTies will organize them for you by date.

Add a memory and share it with a friend. It's exciting when they enhance your memory for you by adding their comments about your memory.

How do I share a memory?

Click on the memory that you want to share. (By default all memories are private. No one else can see them. They are YOUR memories.) At the top of the memory you'll see the text "This memory is PRIVATE to me", click on the "share" link and then just fill in the email address of the person (or people) you want to share it with. They'll get an email and then they'll be able to view and comment on the memory that you shared with them.

What is context?

Everything that is going on in the background is the context. It's the scenery and it gives things more meaning. Every memory that you have has context, and we want to show it for you. Where were you living when you went to 3rd grade? Where were you working at age 20? That's all context.

So, start adding background memories and you'll see how they magically enhance your other memories. We recommend that you start by adding places that you have lived. Each place will be a different memory, with a start date and an end date. Then add schools that you have attended and then the grade levels that you were in. After that, start adding any kind of memory that you can think of that has a date range.

Background memories are memories that occurred over a period of time. Senior year of high school would be a background memory. The light blue Volkswagen Beetle that you had is a background memory. Other background memories could include:

  • Friends you've had.
  • Jobs you've held.
  • Places you've lived.
  • Injuries you've received.
  • Pets you've had.

Once you have a few background memories saved, you'll notice that they show up on the right side of the screen whenever they are relevant (by date) to the memory you are looking at. The more memories you put in, the more context you'll find. Pretty cool huh?

How many memories can I store?

You can't count that high. Really, you don't have to worry about reaching an upper limit because there isn't one. While the service is in beta there is no usage limit. Once we come out of beta, we will be offering additional services for premium subscriptions: bulk import, facebook import, archival-quality image storage, and many other features that require persistent, large-capacity storage. At that point we will begin to limit the data storage with a free account. The free account will always be able to handle more text memories than you could possibly type.

What can I do with MemoryTies?

That depends on your imagination. Dive in and give it a try. Some users are using it simply for personal memories and social reminiscing. Other users have used MemoryTies for academic research. Still others use it for family history and digital scrapbooking. We are interested in providing a tool for you. If you have any ideas on how we can make MemoryTies more useful for your unique ways of using it, please let us know.

Where can I get help?

We are directing most of the questions and comments over to our Question & Answer forum. You can post your questions there and we'll answer them there. Anyone can chime in and answer as well.

How can I contact you?

That nifty "feedback" tab on the left side of every page is a great way to leave us comments or concerns about MemoryTies. You can also email the support team any time:

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